Alohaaaaa, my name is Simon. 
Out of my passions I cre8Ted my destiny 8T with mission: 

Cre 8T ing more happiness, awareness & creativity into this universe

WHY The Name 8T ?  

8 = succes, luck, infinity, strenght, balance
T = development
8T => your succes/luck/infinity/strenght/balance development

8T contains 8 innovating, creative concepts as people become aware & get stimulated through different ways :) 
The small explanation you find on this page. The concepts are 1 by 1 explained on the next page.

I. The Happy Vans 
= happy day trips to explore your (holiday) destiny & yourself

II. 8Triphotography
= air - land -water ;panography , multiple models & nature, combinations of multiple pictures, specialized in underwater pictures

III. MediChiChu
= combination of exercises to improve consciousness about body & mind / how to cre8Te your future

IV. Cre8Ting SmileS
= network to cre8Te a more smiley/happy community, organizing actions & events to get more positivity around the globe

V. HEAL-coach
= a combination of Happiness - Energy - Attraction - Life coaching to improve every aspect of your life

VI. Sens8T Massage
= let all your senses get involved in this healing hands massage :
mixed massage for the physical and the energetical body :
relax / deep tissue / sports / reiki / chakra stones / aroma / healing music / (tantra)

VII.  Simons Tantra Workshops
= 1day activities to explore what Tantra is about. 

VIII. The Happy House

= positive energized house where You can stay over & enjoy all the 8T activities. 
 events, retreats, 'hostel', special weeks, ... 
(under construction)


* The Simon Experience
Combining some of my concepts together I travel around the world, helping people to live the life they want. 
In these 3/4 days where I stay at your place, we'll see where your blockages are, how to live a balanced life & we'll find out what your deep desires are. 

* On the side
- 8TV: fun, educational videos to show mindfulness in an easy way / travel teaching videos 
- 8T The Book: under construction

* Co-operation Specials
- Yoga Adventure Days  :  in co-operation with Mananda Yoga (Nina Vivian Kรถhler) & visityourspirit (Anja Kirilow)
 + Happy New Years Yoga Adventure Retreat
more info on -> retreats

De Vits Simon
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