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Simon The Happy Man 

Born and raised in Belgium, base in Mallorca traveling around the world. 
Master science of movements & sports management. 
Through travel, people, work and experiences I became a universal being.
I've had some unhappy and deep unhappy moments in my life, so I created effective ways to bring happiness and consciousness to myself and others. 

Creating more happiness, awareness, freedom & creativity into this universe

With different concepts, because every person becomes happy and conscious in different ways and I have more than 1 passion in life. :)

Here you have a small explanation from the concepts. Click on the name ofa concept and you will go to the next page with all the concepts explained. 

I. The Happy Vans 
happy day trips to explore your destiny & yourself 


creative photography in the air, on land and in the water

III. MediChiChu

the practice of consciousness about body & mind 

IV. Sens8T Massage  
mixed massage for the physical and the energetical body
relax / deep tissue / sports / Reiki / Chakra stones / aroma / healing music / Tantra

V. HEAL-coach

a combination of Happiness - Energy - Attraction - Life coaching to improve every aspect of your life

VI.  Simons Tantra Workshops

1day activities to explore what Tantra is about. 

VII. Cre8Ting SmileS

network to create a more smiley/happy community, organizing actions & events to get more positivity around the globe

VIII. The Happy Houses

positive energized houses where You can stay over & join our crazy fun and conscious activities. 
- The Happy Hostel
- The Happy Finca 
(under construction)

Hire me :)
Combining some of my concepts together I travel around the world, helping people to live the life they want. 
In these 3/4 days where I stay at your place, we'll see where your blockages are, how to live a balanced life & we'll find out what your deep desires are. 


in co-operation with Mananda Yoga (Nina Vivian Kรถhler) & visityourspirit (Anja Kirilow)
3/5 day retreats where yoga and adventure are combined. 
more info on -> retreats

- 8TV: The Happy conscious show
fun, educational videos to show mindfulness in an easy way / travel teaching videos 
(under construction)

- 8T The Books:
. 8 easy ways to live a happy, conscious life 
. sex, drugs & consciousness
(under construction)


Some people have lot's of money, others don't, so why take the experience away ...
In every concept you are free to contribute what you think the experience deserved or what you can spend on this kind of activities. Of course I will give you a guideline of the normal price. 
* exception: The Happy Vans

@ Copyrights by the universe


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